Nsight Live Offers the ULTIMATE Hosted Event Package Revolving Around A Customized Strategy For Your Store


    10 years and hundreds of hosted events later, Nsight Live’s Hosted Events have become a staple in our Dealer’s yearly marketing / promotion efforts.  The reason?  Our average ROI of more than 450% proves that Dealer customers and prospects respond to compelling offers. We don’t get in the way of your sales process and expertly qualify event attendees before handing them over to YOUR sales team.

But what are the keys to this success we’ll bring to your store?  How about years of owning and operating single and multi-point franchise locations along with HEAVY, PROVEN direct mail and digital channel marketing expertise!

Find out why 98% of our dealer customers re-book and how our collective expertise across all automotive brands and sales expertise will give you a “go to” when you need it.

We specialize inHosted Eventsand much more!

Our Data-Driven, Multi-Channel Marketing Approach Creates Interest, Engagement & Participation.

Our experience in the automotive industry sets us apart.

We Consistently Deliver
Positive ROI’s.
Consistent ROI of more than 450% is the reason so many of our dealers do multiple events during the year with Nsight Live! Check out some sample dealership ROI reports to see specifics on how we positively impact store traffic and sales for our customers.