Our Strategy Builds Store Traffic and Sales Volume – You Own the Customer!


We have hosted hundreds of successful events around the country. We build trust with our customers via our third party approach and custom campaign offer. Custom development and execution of an on-site hosted event at your store including CRM / DMS list analysis, direct mail list development, email RVM and BDC integration produce SOLID sales results!

In addition, our event management team is compromised solely of former successful dealership managers with many years of experience. Our team will generate enthusiasm for your sales team by providing them expertly qualified buyers, leaving you with a motivated sales staff, increased gross profit and satisfied customers for long term success.

We also handle getting co-op approval for the event letter, etc.  You, as the dealer, will then do formal submission to obtain co-op funds.

Our Hosted Events include the following:

Planning & Data Analysis

Extensive DMS, CRM and Conquest Data set analysis enables us to develop / deploy a more targeted and engaging campaign that produces consistent, dependable results.

Direct Mail

Your campaign will be anchored by proven, effective and custom direct mail. Sample themes include Loan & Lease Termination, Buy Back, Upgrade Event and so much more. Premium Mailing Pieces also available.

Targeted Email

From website visits to recent purchases, Nsight Live converts customer data into automated email that’s relevant and timely. Whether or not someone opens an email or clicks a link becomes the catalyst for the next campaign.

Website Banners & Landing Page

We’ll deploy event promotion banners on your site to promote the upcoming event. These Event Promotion banners will encourage those customers ‘just shopping’ to take the next step in the buying process.

Ringless Voicemails (RVMs)

RVMs deliver professional messages directly to customer voicemails. Our proven, unique targeted direct-to-voicemail messages are proven to generate BDC calls for event registrations and for the customer to acquire more information. Our BDC even calls registrants to confirm their event appointments!


Dedicated Event Site

Car buyers are pushed to the Event Web Site which enables them to set an appointment, get more details, etc. Your Event Manager and our team monitor this site as well since the back-end houses all prospects and associated information.

Seasoned Automotive Professional

Your campaign manager is a seasoned automotive professional who is an expert at qualifying prospects. We DO NOT interrupt your sales process. We build trust as a ‘third party’ with the customer. Our staff will be handing over quality buyers who have provided important qualifying information.

Quality Lead List

You’ll get a list of quality event prospects for follow up by your sales staff or BDC. The Monday FOLLOWING your event, your Event Manager will send you an export from the Event Web Site that includes all prospects that registered for the event.

ROI Report

A formal ROI report will be delivered to the dealer 21 days post-event (to account for prospect / leads who purchase after the event). This report will reveal the total number of sales influenced during the campaign period, what took place during the campaign and so much more.