The Power of the Connection


People do business with people they like – they feel close to – that make them feel comfortable. Does your dealership do that effectively?

Automotive dealers pay thousands of dollars to drive people to their web sites, social media and other channels. How can your store integrate and better engage the auto consumer and accomplish the goal of REALLY personalizing and differentiating your store from competitors? That’s exactly our social media wall does.

Customers want to know who they are buying from before they even walk in the door! We host a community pinboard on your homepage to show customers your deliveries, community events, promotions, etc.

Take a look at a live example below from one of our dealerships in Cleveland, TN.

Drive Participation and Increase Revenue

Showcase your deliveries, community involvement, promote your social media content to MORE people – even add content VIA text. The Community Pinboard empowers all your team members to increase engagement and lift morale.