The proof is in the pudding.


Our average ROI of more than 450% proves that Dealer customers and prospects respond to compelling offers.

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Sample ROIs

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Do you guys handle co-op?

We get the approvals – you submit for final reimbursement.

What is the difference between a HOSTED and STAFFED event?

Flat fee.  You keep the gross.  We build trust with the buyer then hand the buyer to your staff. Staffed events come in, take over, get in the way of the sales process and usually leave a mess.

I have a ‘green’ staff. Does that affect the results?

We are expert qualifiers.  We can do in 30 minutes what usually takes a salesperson an hour to do.  All of our Event Managers are experienced GM or GSM-level professionals.

How often do you recommend hosted events?

We recommend (1) event per quarter.

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